About us

Isolcore is a leading Italian Company in the manufacture of insulation products whose peculiarity is their short depth. In addition, they can be employed in both the industrial and private construction sector which is our main field.

However, our core business involves not only the construction sector but also many other fields: public and private transports, refrigeration, domestic appliance, security doors.

We produce all types of vacuum-packed panels with the most diverse materials inside and with the characteristics that our customers require from us.

70% of the vacuum panels that you find on the market come from our production plants located not only in Italy but also outside the EU.

What has made us very well known in Italy in the construction field, however, is the CZ vacuum panel .

The result of years of research and development, in order to make this technology suitable for the building sector.

It now represents the real flagship of insulating materials on the world scene, as it holds the best thermal insulation value, the best price and a tested installation system that makes it also suitable for facades of any height.

Amazing performance and low prices are the strengths of the company.

In fact, Isolcore’s mission is:
”to offer the best insulation materials to all the places in the world”.