Isolcore’s mission:

”offer the best insulation materials to all the places in the world”

ISOLCORE aims at making the world more circular.

To reach this goal, it is impossible to keep using the business pattern based on the “production-consumption-waste-disposal” sequence.This is a trend where each product is designed to be disposable. In this way it becomes garbage that cannot be used again. This is a linear model where each product is destined to interrupt its life cycle and become waste, bulky and sometimes even dangerous.

The circular economy is a concrete response to the need for sustainability

Waste, products and raw materials can be reused, repaired or recycled. Even before there was a need in Italy to respect the CAM (minimum environmental criteria) Isolcore had studied vacuum-packed panels to make them as circular as possible and in fact more than 95% of the materials of which Isolcore CZ panels are made come from raw materials recycled with the possibility of recycling them infinite times once the life cycle of the product is over.

Isolcore's goal is to obtain a cycle tending towards infinity

in which everything is used and reused (even in different forms), thus significantly reducing the energy that would be used to obtain new raw materials. Therefore, no longer a behavior of the "take-produce-dispose" type, but a series of practices that extend the life cycle of products and reduce the use of raw materials and the production of waste.

Our fibers

ISOLCORE® uses both for the vacuum panels and for the NANOFELT® (airgel) special glass fibers which, thanks to their processing method which increases their diameter and have fewer volatiles, makes them not harmful to health as also reported in the legislation.